In order to ensure you get the best possible protection when you hire a car, we offer a number of policies to make your journey safer. The right insurance protection reduces your costs and gives you a bit of extra help if you should be involved in an accident.

Reduce your costs if something should happen

Reduces the excess (CDI and TPI)

Just like private cars, a hire car has comprehensive cover. The difference is that with a hire car the excess is significantly more. In some cases, up to the full value of the vehicle. With Collision Damage Insurance (CDI), you reduce your costs in the event of a collision.

The costs involved with a hire car being stolen or vandalised are not covered by comprehensive vehicle insurance, meaning they have their own excess. With Theft Protection Insurance (TPI), you reduce your costs if your vehicle should be stolen or vandalised.

Eliminate your excess

Eliminates the excess (SCDI, STPI and LI)

Super Collision Insurance (SCDI), Super Theft Protection (STP) and Liability Insurance (LI) is an additional policy that completely eliminates your costs if your hire car gets damaged. You must observe the terms and conditions of hire in order for this excess waiver to be valid.

Protect yourself, your passengers and your belongings

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) includes accident protection with planned private treatment and medical operations. It also comes with contents insurance for your possessions, up to a maximum value of SEK 10,000.

This policy is valid in case of road traffic accidents and gives you compensation for any damages you suffer, plus rapid access to qualified specialist treatment after an examination and referral by a physician. Disability compensation is limited to SEK 500,000. Compensation in case of death and compensation for medical trips and dental costs are included in the policy.

Tryg is a full-service provider of insurance policies to businesses and private individuals in Scandinavia. Together with Trygg-Hansa in Sweden and Tryg in Denmark and Norway, we are one of Scandinavia’s largest insurers.

Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) - at Länsförsäkringar

Third Party Liability insurance is mandatory by law and included with all rental rates. The limit to the amount of Liability insurance coverage per accident for personal injury or death is up to SEK 300,000,000 and per accident for property damage up to SEK 300,000,000. The liability insurance covers injury to the driver, passangers and third parties. The insurance does not cover the renter’s property or cover damages to a connected vehicle on the rental like a caravan or trailer.